The beginnings

Since the beginning of the eighties, Doctor Deutsch has been preoccupied to create a general and national framework that would be relevant and safe to answer the patient demand. In order to achieve this goal, training for excellence practitioners that turns on aesthetic medicine seemed crucial to him (for the record, there were no state or university diploma at that time), hence the creation of the GRAME – Groupe de Recherche et d’Application Médico-Esthétique, Group for Research and Medical Aesthetic Application– an association totally independent from commercial societies.

The first practical trainings about aesthetic methods and techniques started in 1984; the first thematic congresses took place in 1985. Under Doctor Deutsch presidency, the Association’s bureau is voluntarily multidisciplinary, gathering doctors, dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons. A scientific committee, multidisciplinary too, is in charge of validating techniques. Lastly, the training is held by the best experts of the time.

Then, given the fast development of aesthetic medicine, it became necessary to gather all the aesthetic doctors that practice « good medicine » and use « good ethics » in order to defend and promote their activity. Doctor Deutsch thus participated to the creation of the first French aesthetic medicine syndicate – SNME : Syndicat National de Médecine Esthétique. Acting as its general secretary, he became for ten years the public authorities preferential interlocutor.

As a university or state diploma is sorely wait (a typically French disease, since other countries don’t hesitate to create it for their own account), SNME, GRAME, and other societies contributed to the creation of the Collège National de Médecine Esthétique (CNME, French National Aesthetic Medicine College), where Doctor Deutsch is board member and teacher. Although private, the College delivers a teaching that reaches university academic standards, with a two then three years graduation.


At the same time, the Société Française de Médecine Esthétique (SFME, French Society of Aesthetic Medicine) – created in 1973, since then under Doctor Jean-Jacques Legrand presidency – develops its congresses and quarterly magazine activity: Doctor Deutsch became General Secretary at the beginning of the 2000’s and thus participate to the organization of « Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatologic Surgery » yearly congress (Palais des Congrès, Paris).

DU and DIU

In 2005 is finally created the first Inter University Diploma (DIU) recognized by the National Medical Association. However, this university diploma delivers mainly theoretical knowledge: young graduated students need to follow practical training with experienced practitioners at the end of their studies. This need is all the more important that new products and techniques appears every year in the aesthetic domain. Continuing education is an absolute necessity: it is nowadays provided either by several medical associations, either and mainly by experts practitioners transmitting their experience and their own techniques.

Indeed, despite constant efforts and insisting requests upon public authorities, an Aesthetic Medicine State Diploma has still not been implemented in France in 2016: only the DIU recognized by the National Medical Association fills this absence.