In the framework of our videoconferencing workshops, the medical practise is never embarassed by technics. Our trainings allow, apart from the prestige to be associated to a modern approach of medical training adapted to our time, the possibility to organize wider events, inviting more doctors to participate with a perfect visibility and an optimized teaching method (see under). Moreover, our partners bendefit from a gain of time, money, lawfulness, insurance and responsibility. At the agreed date and time, the trainees connect with the private link and can ask their questions to the practitioner.

Moreover, this technical platform has been set up to gather four main advantages:

The patient is alone with the treating physician. Trainees comments – sometimes awkwards – cannot be heard by the patient.

Optimal asepsis : during the medical intervention, the video system is remote controlled by the technical operator. The patient and the doctor are alone *, thus avoiding exterior contamination. The sterile equipment is supplied by DMA.

* Except « one to one » trainings : the mentor manage the workshop with the trainee

A quiet and comforting environment: calm, serenity, no stress for the patient.

  • Freeness to move for the demonstrator: no one around him
  • A perfect concentration upon the patient and the pedagogy: questions are filtered from the reception room and answers are delivered one by one.
  • No interference: the camera is remote controlled and arm fixed onto the patient
  • Comfort for the assistance: no physical trouble, possibility to sit and take notes.
  • An HD videoconferencing live event.

  • A perfect vision of the medical intervention for all: each action can be enhanced in close-up and high definition thanks to a X10 zoom.
  • A high precision degree while demonstrating: a monitoring screen adapted to his field of vision while proceeding allows him to center his gesture.
  • Easy to ask questions one by one from the connected room.
  • Powerpoint presentations before, during, and after demonstration.
  • A state of the art IP camera allowing HD broadcasting.
  • Posibility of shooting and editing high quality videos.