DMA Philosophy

Since the origin of its aesthetic vocation, Doctor Deutsch practices a medicine that obeys to the following rules:

  • Prioritizing natural and harmony in the way patients are taking care of: the respect of their identity, of each expression. Consequently, nourishing suspicion against outrageous and artificial patients’ demands, which go beyond the natural: it’s essential to keep the good measure, without being excessive.
  • Quality and efficiency. The research of the best products, the best techniques, the best result, the maximum security for the patient.
  • Favoring reversible acts
  • Fair, clear and appropriate information for the patient. Treatment costs have to be discussed beforehand: signed estimation, informed consent.
  • Interactions, expertise and experience sharing with worldwide fellow physicians
  • The promotion of aesthetic medicine and its techniques to the general public: its necessary place nearby aesthetic surgery

Why DMA ?

There is a strong worldwide demand nowadays about trainings and workshops: many French and foreign physicians wish to train or perfect their aesthetic medicine techniques and methods. Doctor Deutsch and other experts – French in particular – have to face it (especially in order to maintain the aesthetic medicine « French touch » reputation). On the other side, another strong demand is coming from commercial societies that wish to promote their products.

Based on this evidence and to face this challenge, Doctor Deutsch wants to make available for experts physicians and commercial societies the modern means of communication in order to deliver a high quality training through a powerful technical platform*: this is DMA birth.

* HD Videoconferencing through arm-articulated camera remote controlled over the patient, monitoring screen for the practitioner, LED « daylight » panel, HD television connected in a second room isolated from the medical act, interactive communication between the rooms and web streaming