Dr Jean-Jacques Deutsch
DMA Paris, 2016

President : Dr DEUTSCH Jean-Jacques

Doctor Deutsch Jean-Jacques is a pioneer of aesthetical medicine. Since 1978, he has studied, tested, and implemented the latest medical innovations. He regularly publishes scientific articles and wrote a manual about « Chemical Peelings » which stays a reference nowadays. He is also the author of several popular science writings (« Beauty », « Skin Seasons », « Young at any age », « I know who is taking care of us »).

During his long career, Doctor Deutsch has always been extremely solicited by physicians all over the world: either they move to his Parisian office seeking for training, or invite him to visit their respective country. He thus directly trained more than one thousand doctors, dermatologists, and surgeons. He practices in his parisian office (visit his personal website, arrange an appointment).

Learned societies of many countries invite him as a speaker or workshop manager (workshops and congress organized by European and international societies from United States, Argentine, Brazil, China, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey…).

He was recently « Keynote Speaker » during the 20th World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Miami (November 2015), and it will be the same during the 21st World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Istanbul (October 2017) . In addition, big commercial companies regularly solicit him as an expert to animate workshops about their products and technologies.

Using a rigorous methodology, Doctor Deutsch main purpose has always been to train physicians to safe and well-evaluated techniques, in order to spread a state-of-the-art and efficient medical know-how for the patient and to establish care, monitoring and treatment protocols that prevent risk.

His precious experience led finally to the creation of Deutsch Medical Academy at the beginning of 2016.