1/ DMA shares with the World Health Organization the idea that any person has the right to reach physical and moral well-being: aesthetic medicine aims to contribute to this well-being and allows, under science limits, to prevent ageing physiological consequences.

2/ DMA commits to deliver and promote quality treatments, which implement adapted means and environment, as well as to teach validated techniques, in order to guarantee patients’ maximum security. DMA respects the prevention good practices guidance.

3/ DMA commits not to prescribe or make prescribe medication whose application would not have been proved regarding scientific knowledge and to refuse any act that would be inappropriate or that would overtake trained physicians’ competences.

4/ DMA commits to deliver some clear, honest, fair, and complete information to the patient who participates to the medical workshops, making sure that it has been properly assimilated.

5/ DMA commits in perfecting physicians’ knowledge offering a continuous medical training in conformity with the Code of Medical Ethics.

6/ DMA commits to keep its independence against products and techniques introduced. DMA thus eliminates any conflict of interest and keeps intellectual integrity and critical mind within the framework of trainings delivered.

7/ DMA commits to select the most relevant experts physicians in their field of activity and whose reputation is widely established.