Our trainings can be either isolated, dealing with a particular technique or a new equipment, or developed in the framework of full courses sorted by level of difficulty. They are organized in Paris by our expert practitioners, shot and broadcasted using web streaming (English and French).

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A new and wider vision of aesthetic medicine

Morpho-Aesthetic medicine is an Art

Medicine uses techniques to generate emotions in a specific language made of volumes, proportions, and light. As far as the aesthetic physician is concerned, the human material – made of flesh and its internal structures – is like sound for a musician or words for a poet. Two themes particularly matters for me : lightness and natural.

When you look someone’s face, the emotion shared mainly comes from those two elements. A formal beauty that do not provoke emotions is like the statue of an idol from which we don’t understand the signification or that let us insensitive!

For instance, I don’t take a first look to someone’s face focusing on its imperfections, but on what bothers me in the process of feeling a nice and deep emotion. I finally come to say that I nearly try to create a poetical face. Thus it cannot be vulgar nor stereotyped.

At that point, the practitionner reaches the artistic level : he/she becomes the creator of a natural, delicate and bright face; that kind of face able to deeply seduce and that cannot be forgotten. Only the patients that share this point of view can benefit from this approach.

If you choose to step away from this idea, the practitionner stays at the « simple craftsman » level that fits a precise need using only technical skills. The relationship of confidence between the physician and the patient is thus essential to choose the right path to follow.

Dr Jean-Jacques Deutsch